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Will Page  Page Marketing, Inc. evolved in August, 1996 to pursue creative communications opportunities outside of the scope of traditional advertising and public relations agencies.

Today, we do business largely via the Internet with client programs in Hawaii, Guam, Japan and the Mainland US. Pound for pound, we are one of the most technology-savvy marketing groups in the world. Client communications facilities are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our clients and staff are in constant contact by phone, fax, e-mail and Internet. We provide strategic marketing programs, demographic and statistical research and analysis, public relations, advertising and graphic design, media placement, broadcast, web and collateral production.

Our business is creative communications.

We plan and execute strategic marketing programs through creative communications. We develop programs which are economically sound, structured by experience and based on marketing fundamentals.


To best serve your needs, we study your products and services; analyze present and potential markets; and use our knowledge of sales and marketing operations. We provide information on markets, available media and means which can be profitably used to increase awareness and sales.

Plans and programs are formulated for your review. When approved, we design, write, illustrate, and prepare needed materials including Internet sites and online marketing programs, finished code, art and materials, flyers, print ads, television and radio commercials, brochures, audio/video presentations, news releases, fact sheets, flyers, trade show booths, sales manuals, displays and other devices.

We order production services, media space and time at the lowest available rates negotiated directly with suppliers and the media. We analyze and verify schedules, insertions and broadcasts, check displays, review press proofs and take whatever steps are necessary to assure that value is delivered as ordered. We audit invoices for space, time, production and services. We work together with the client and designated client personnel to make marketing programs deliver results.


It's a whole new paradigm for business in the new millennium. These are times of changing demographics, new media, and new technologies.

That's where we can help.

Page Marketing provides creative business communications outside of the scope of traditional advertising and public relations agencies. We deliver strategic marketing consultation; demographic and statistical research and analysis; public relations, promotions and event marketing; advertising and graphic design; press, media and online placement; broadcast, print, web and collateral production in English and Japanese.


We create advertising for the Internet, newspapers, magazines, radio, television, outdoor displays and posters. We've created award-winning print and broadcast advertising for a wide range of advertisers including:

• Finance, banking, insurance and mortgage lending
• Retail stores and shopping centers
• Restaurants and fast food
• Beverages, soft drinks, beer, fruit drinks
• Packaged goods and electronics
• Food products
Real estate, land, homes, townhouses, condominiums
• Travel & tourism, hotels, rent-a-cars, airlines, optional tours
• Destinations and theme parks

Media Buying

We deal with a wide variety of print, broadcast and online media in Hawaii, Guam, Japan and on the Mainland US. Typically we negotiate rates, editorial and promotional support before committing to a schedule. We regularly deliver significant savings and added value to our clients.

• Newspapers in Hawaii, Guam and Mainland markets
• Magazines including Hawaii and Japan travel and visitor publications, US national consumer & travel trade media
• Radio in Hawaii, Guam and California
• Television in Hawaii Guam and California
Cable TV in Hawaii, Guam and regional US markets
• Internet media
• Search engine keyword, banners and text promotions


Page marketing has extensive experience in research design, implementation and analysis of a wide variety of market research studies.

Whenever possible, we secure information from secondary sources including syndicated studies, marketing databases, and local, national and international government statistics. We perform a variety of statistical analysis and regularly use regression analysis and other statistical devices to determine relevance and predict market behavior. We are adept at securing information from the Internet including access to US Census and other databases with powerful marketing implications.


Graphic Design and Production

We have a wealth of computer graphic design capabilities. More than 90% of our work is done on our PC systems. We work with Quark Express, Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator, Homesite, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Eyecandy and a variety of plug-ins.

Ads, ads, ads…

• TV and radio commercials
• Logos, letterheads, business cards, and envelopes
• Electronic forms, animated banners, badges & Internet applications
• Newsletters
• Signs and banners
• Brochures, catalogs, and all forms of collateral production
• Sales flyers
• Outdoor displays and posters
Reports and business proposals
• Press kits
• Balloons, buttons, T-shirts, mugs… even ATM cards

Sales Promotion and Event Marketing

There's an event in your future! Event marketing a finally come of age. We've designed and implemented a variety of events to meet specific client marketing objectives. We are practitioners of "Action Marketing" combining events, media, public relations and promotions in targeted programs to achieve specific sales objectives.

Our experience with event marketing includes programs on Oahu and the Neighbor Islands, Guam, and travel events on the Mainland US including:

Aloha Festivals Event Marketing
   Official Airline of Aloha Festivals
   Official Coffee of Aloha festivals
Moanalua Gardens Foundation Prince Lot Hula Festival & Craft Fair
Diamond G Rice World of Rice Sweepstakes
Diamond G's Lucky You Live Hawaii Sweepstakes
Diamond G Kid's Bingo at the Farm Fair
Diamond G Musubi Challenge
KIKU TV Mountain of Rice
Kid's Week at McDonald's
Big Mac Attack on Fort Street Mall
Big Mac Attack on Guam
Let's Make a Coca-Cola Deal
Hawaii '82
Continental Airlines - Air Pacific Travel Trade Promotion
Windward Mall Birthday Bingo
Woolworth 's Grand Opening Treasure Hunt
Madeline at Thinker Toys
McDonald, Burger King, and Jack In the Box grand openings

Direct Response Marketing

Will Page studied direct response marketing at the Direct Marketing Association in New York. Page Marketing has developed and implemented direct response marketing programs including direct mail, direct print and direct broadcast. Will's work includes award winning mailing for Honolulu Mortgage and a water-saving conversion initiative with the Honolulu Board of Water Supply. Both programs enjoyed response rates of 19% and 18% on mailings.

• Target audience identification and list research
• List analysis and rental
• List merge, purge, dup eliminations and exclusions
• Mailing design and offer development
• Production, printing, folding, and inserts
Bundling , sorting and carrier route pre-sort
• Post-mailing evaluations and payout analysis

Internet Services and E-commerce

With the advent of the Internet, Page Marketing was among the first marketing companies in Hawaii to establish a web presence. We use the Internet every day for a variety of business and marketing applications. We have developed and mounted dozens of web sites and direct response e-mail programs.

We have developed significant skills in search engine submissions and site enhancements for search engine placement and top search engine listings. Our sites are often found on page one of category and name searches. We perform manual placement among the top twenty search engines and automated submissions to hundreds of search engines, portals and link sights every month.

Few other marketing groups in the U.S. have the experience and know how to analyse server log files and determine the optimal keywords for site meta tags, descriptions and alt tags. We're adept in developing site titles, meta descriptions and alt tags to fine tune search engine listings, indexing and cataloging.

We transliterate sites from English to Japanese -- plus we perform site enhancements and submissions to Japanese search engines as well.

We regularly perform search engine ranking reports to determine how a site is positioned against specific URL and keyword searches.

We build gateway sites and splash pages with links to promotional offers a nd special listings plus gateways and splash pages to track traffic from specific promotions, links and other web resources.

Online Marketing

Our online and Internet marketing capabilities include:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Meta keyword research and development
  • Meta description, alt tags, file name and title strategy
  • Manual URL placement into the top 20 search engines
  • Software-driven site and URL submissions to hundreds of search engines, link sites, directories, newsgroups and lists
  • Server log analysis
  • Search engine ranking and trend reports
  • Internet research
  • E-mail marketing
  • Internet sales promotion
  • Online advertising
  • Online publicity and news release distribution
  • Domain registration and host placement
  • Web site development, graphic design, coding and uploads
  • Special events and promotion web sites
  • Web site promotion and online marketing

    Field Marketing and Support

    Page Marketing's staff has had long and varied experience in field marketing support for a large number of clients. This has included making on-stage and one-on-one presentations of travel and marketing programs on behalf of Air Pacific, Hawaii Express, Aloha Airlines, the State of Hawaii and Others. We have made trade presentations for new production introductions on behalf of Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Honolulu, McDonald's restaurants, Diamond G Rice, Aloha Maid beverages. We have designed travel trade booths, supervised construction, transported and staffed Mainland trade events on behalf of Continental Airlines and others.

    Page Marketing's staff has conducted and analyzed over 100 research studies on behalf of clients like McDonald's, Hinode Rice, Maui Divers, Pizza Hut Restaurants, Burger King and Pacific Resources.

    Regardless of the nature of your marketing and business objectives, Page Marketing is capable of implementing field programs with a great attention to detail, cost and quality representation. Will Page has an MBA degree from the University of Hawaii and nearly 30 years of business and marketing experience including:

    • Administration and management of business units with P&L responsibilities
    • Planning, organizing, implementing and managing sales and marketing programs
    • Managing marketing research projects and programs; analyzing research to secure actionable data and sales results
    • Crating, directing, managing and implementing multiple communications campaigns including TV, radio, newspaper, and magazines ads, brochures, sales videos, marketing events, trade shows and Internet sites.
    • Developing and executing public relations and publicity programs including news releases, press conferences, seminars, presentations and marketing events.
    • Devising and launching new products and services often through dealer networks
    • Outstanding computing skills; multi-lingual in English, Japanese and
    French ; dynamic presenter.

    Please inquire regarding the specific marketing needs of your company.


    Six types of charges are billable:

    1) For media placement, a commission of 15% is charged. In most cases, this commission is paid by the media. Where net rates are charged, we add an amount which will yield us a commission of 15% of our total charges to you.

    2) For software, subscriptions, data and line charges, materials and services purchased on your behalf we charge the outside vendor costs plus an amount which will yield a commission of 15% of our total charges to you.

    3) Creative concept development, copy, art, design, web graphics, coding and production services, we charge hourly rates which are in effect at the time the work is performed.

    4) Internet marketing, media planning and buying, public relations, and promotions are billed at mutually agreed hourly rates, monthly retainer, or on a project basis.

    5) Telephone, telex, postage and freight charges are billed at our net cost. As approved in advance, travel expenses are also billed at our net cost .

    6) State tax of 4.167%


    Service, media, production, promotional and public relations needs will vary from client to client. In general, the following criteria may be applied.

    Prior to implementation of a project or service, a written estimate may be requested for your specific approval. While you assume our liability for your commitments, you also reserve the right to cancel, reject, modify or stop any work at any time.

    Billings are sent each month on approximately the 10th and are based on actual and estimated charges where applicable. When signed estimates are invoiced at the beginning of a
    job , adjustments are made in subsequent months' billings.

    The agency may request a retainer or deposit when prepayment is required by the media or suppliers, or until client credit has been established.

    We honor both MasterCardฎ and Visaฎ for all types of advertising, creative, Internet, and media services. This is espcially convenient for new clients and project assignments. It's a preferred method of payment for many businesses.

    Rates are available on request.

    It's a whole new millenium out there.

    Changing demographics, new media and new technologies create new opportunities. That's where we can help. If you'd like to discuss an opportunity, your call, e-mail or letter will receive our immediate attention.

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