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Search Engine Power Plan

Site Review and Optimization

Here are the exact tools and procedures we use to move your web site from obscurity to competitive positioning on the search engines.


Keyword Analysis - We use WordTracker® to look at the most recent 400 million search engine transactions to help position your products and services in the Internet market place.

We use TrafficFacts® and Google Analytics® to look at your web server logs to see actual search engine transactions that brought visitors to your site. These two datasets tell us what your customers are looking for.

We can show you the exact keywords Internet visitors use to find you and your competitors' sites.

With this information we determine where you need to be on the search engines. We list the key search terms your customers are looking for and what they are theying to find. To get found, you will need to have content on your site to be found by qualified prospective customers that are ready to buy your specific products and services.

We use this information to write tags, titles, and body text to make your site relevant to these key search terms.

In a matter of weeks you'll see new search engine listings, increased search engine visibility and improved page rankings.


Search Engine Ranking Report - We use WebPositionGold for detailed reports that tell us how your site is ranked by top search engines with a primary focus on Google and Yahoo.

After establishing a base line, we provide trend reports to show increases and decreases in your page ranks on top search engines over time and expecially after you have made significant content changes to your site.

By studying these reports we can prescribe adjustments to your pages to see continued improvement in your search engine rankings.


Page Critique - We study and analyze your key web pages. Then we give you advice and suggestions on how to modify each page to improve your search engine rankings for specific products and services you offer.

Often we use a page or a site theme to bring qualified traffic to your site by providing related information folks are looking for on the Internet.


Search Engine Positioning Strategy - What are the best e-commerce strategies for your company? How will you implement these programs? What combination of site features, traffic generating elements, online databases, credit cards, shopping carts, secured transactions and order entry systems will be most effective in developing your online business? The answers to these questions are addressed in this important strategic planning stage.


Web Page Format - Some of this is pretty well known. Generally speaking we recommend that you do not use frames to build your site. Additionally, we have found it very difficult to place sites that have a Flash introduction and generally speaking we recommend against using Microsoft Front Page. 

After a thorough review, we'll recommend structural revisions that may be needed to effect your most promising online and e-commerce strategies.


Review and Re-write - This is what it all comes down to. To improve your site traffic and better position your site with the major search engines you will need to re-write web page titles, meta-keywords, meta-description, alt tags, headlines, and page content.

The web provides abundant opportunities to test different marketing and copy approaches. More so than any other media, with the Internet we can test offers, prices, promotions, photos and a host of other marketing variables to define your position and refine the effectiveness of your marketing programs..


Content, Content, Content - For real estate, the three most important things are location, location and location.

For web sites, the three most important things are content, content, and content.

In the course of our search engine positioning work, we typically uncover areas where we may suggest additional content, sections, pages, and features to drive your site traffic and help you reach qualified customers online.


Search Engine Submissions - Sites can be submitted manually. Sites can also be submitted via automated routines on WebPositionGold.

Since 2005, the search engine world has become more and more dominated by Google and Yahoo. MSN and DMOZ are virtually insignificant in comparison.

Google and Yahoo also dominate international search marketing with sites in hundreds of languages besides English.

You will need to translate your site into foreign languages to effectively penetrate non-English Internet traffic sources. Japanese search engines such as Nifty, Goo, Biglobe are very powerful though Google, Yahoo, AOL and others have relatively strong Japanese language indexes.


Link, Link, Link - Ask for links from everyone you do business with. Demand links when you buy advertising on other media. Look for free listings in industry-specific directory sites. Trade links.

Don't engage in link farm activities. Don't allow youself to get spammed by associating with commercial link operations.

Look for links on government, state, and county websites as these are highly values by search engines and they are mostly free.


Pay-per-click Advertising - We prepare keywords and keyword phrases that are most important to your market and selling proposition.

We write text ads for various pay per click advertising program namely Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing.

At this we are not recommending pay-per-click on or MSN Ad Center.

We analyze impressions, click through rates, cost per click, conversions and cost per conversion for your ads. These results are analyzed along side search engine ranking reports, Google Analytics and WordTracker phrase counts.

These processes are repeated again and again month after month, year after year.


Search Engine Ranking, Server Trends, Timely Submissions, Paid Inclusion and Pay Per Performance

Here are some of the regular and recurring procedures we use to make you visible on the search engines and keep you on top of your Internet marketing opportunity.


Monthly Search Engine Ranking Report - By keywords and trends with particular focus on Google and Yahoo that account for 80%+ of the Internet search market.


Monthly Traffic Facts Review - On a monthly basis we secure traffic reports from your server. We graph site traffic to see trends. We review the sources of your traffic. We review search engine keyword phrases to see how your site is doing in reaching specific search objectives.


Timely Submissions of Site Updates - When major changes have been made to your site, new pages and new page content we will submit these sites to the major search engines to spur their spidering of your site.


Paid Inclusion - Directories and listing sites accept your paid listings and placements. We may recommend directory listings for your site and selected paid-inclusion programs.


Pay per Performance - The Google AdWordsTM program is clearly the most exciting advertising innovation of the new millennium. Paid listings on Yahoo are also a cost-effective way to boost your site visibility to reach targeted Internet audiences. These listing appear on sites like newspapers, magazines, Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Netscape, AskJeeves and a wide variety of other sites in the U.S. and internationally. We are particularly attuned to Japanese search engine marketing.


Call Will Page at 808-262-6776, e-mail us or write if you'd like to talk about search engine optimization and Internet marketing for your site.

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